A Mother’s Love


And so it begins. The search. The good intentions. The well-meaning gifts and/or gestures that are given to mothers every year in an attempt to say, “Thank you mom/wife/significant other.” Thank you for rearranging your body for it to never return to its natural state. Thank you for the hours of agony and pain you dealt with while trying to bring your child into the world. Thank you for the long, almost endless nights of nursing, rocking, holding, and watching your child while never complaining, just loving.

It is on this day that we give honor and regard to the mothers! But for so many, this day is difficult to plan because when it all comes down to it, how do you adequately thank the person who gave you life, or gave life to your children? I mean we’re talking LIFE!

Does eating out for breakfast or dinner really do her justice?


Okay, okay don’t start shaking in your boots yet. I’m not going to leave you high and dry. It’s quite the opposite. I’m going to help you make your Mother’s Day celebration epic!

Let’s Get to Work

Picture this, the queen has arisen! Breakfast in bed sounds divine! But not just any breakfast. Pay attention to the details. Is she a coffee or tea queen? Is she team Starbucks or team Dunkin’? What’s her favorite drink? Is she all about the matcha green tea, or my favorite, a hot grande white chocolate mocha latte with whipped cream on top? Does she love pancakes, French toast, donuts, or danishes? Maybe she’s into hash browns or breakfast potatoes. What about her eggs? Does she want them scrambled, over easy, or poached? Let’s not forget about the meat! Is she a turkey bacon, pork bacon, sausage patty, or links-eating kind of woman? Find out in advance. If you can’t, just have all of them ready so she can pick!

Naps, Love & Hugs

I know this is a lot, but as I stated earlier, this one will be epic, so keep up!
After she fills her stomach with a breakfast spread, allow her to relax. She may just want to stay in the bed and get a good nap in. Let her! Normalize mothers taking naps. We need them and we deserve them.

Now husbands and/or significant others, once she is truly ready to start the day, this is an opportune time for her first set of gifts. Yes, I said her first set. Don’t panic! These gifts are from the kids. You know, the cards and candy. Let her bask in the glow of the love she receives from her ducklings. Just don’t let the ducklings forget that this day is her day. If the ducklings are older, make sure to set up a facetime call so she can still see the products of her labor. Literally.

If you are a duckling, you need to smother her with all the love, kisses, hugs, and cuddles you withheld from her when you were little; especially during the teenage years. Don’t even get me started!

The Grand Finale

Moving on…
The queen is famished. Time for dinner! Does she prefer to go out or dine in? Think outside the box. What about a personal chef? Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. Why not skip the line and have a professional come over and cook her favorite dishes? No cooking, no cleaning, no line, and no inconvenience. It’s a win-win all the way around!

Let them eat cake! The queen is ready for dessert. The personal chef will have that covered. During dessert, let’s shower her with Mother’s Day gifts from you. Flowers, a bracelet, a personal poem written by you. The list is endless.

Making her truly feel like a queen is the best gift you could ever get her. As mothers, we often forget about ourselves and put our children at the forefront of our lives. We push ourselves to keep going because we believe our children need us in every aspect of their lives. We would rather drown from overload than let our children go without. We love with no end and no measure in mind. We give every ounce of ourselves. It’s as natural as the sunrise for us. We just do it!

So, on this day, go overboard. Do the most! For all that she’s done and all that she does, she deserves to feel like a queen.


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