A Museum for the Culture And You Don’t Have To Go To D.C!


Like many Floridians and Orlando residents of the diaspora, there’s a constant need and urge to connect with the culture. Some fly to their hometowns, while others visit cities like Atlanta or Washington D.C. to learn about art and culture. However, you don’t have to fly thousands of miles to connect with African American history. There’s a place right here in Florida that you can visit and help support. With your support, these places can become popular and attract tourists much like the DuSable Museum. Where can we find a museum for the culture?

Not Too Far

A Museum for the Culture And You Don’t Have To Go To D.C!

Right here in Orlando, we have the Well’s Built Museum of African American History and Culture. Finally, Florida has a museum for the culture! In the Parramore district, this location was originally built as a hotel and entertainment venue with a casino by Dr. William Monroe Wells. Dr. Wells’ purpose was to host and entertain African American tourists and residents in Orlando during segregation. After segregation, the hotel and venue continued to run until the building became a place to showcase African and African American art. In 2000, the museum was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Culture Inside

A Museum for the Culture And You Don’t Have To Go To D.C!

From paintings to sculptures to hotel rooms left in their original design, you experience what artists like B.B King received when they stayed. The museum is overflowing with rich Black history often overlooked by most people. It’s a hidden gem with facts and lessons that will stick with visitors of any age.

Other than educational purposes, the museum has been a place that serves the community; many have flocked to the museum for their Black History Month and Juneteenth events. History buffs have caught on to the museum’s legacy so much so that the museum was highlighted by social media influencers and politicians.

You can check out the operating hours and book a tour on their website! Can’t visit anytime soon? Not to worry, you can always donate to help keep the museum running!

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