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A Poet’s Rhapsody by the Author•Artist•Speaker Elizabeth Rene’ Speaks

Elizabeth Rene’ is an artist that uses spoken word poetry to captivate her audience and take them on a journey that inspires and challenges them to grow.  At her core, she is an Educator. You can see this as she gently encourages transformation through the deeply personal messages of her own experiences. Above all, her gifts are undoubtedly imparted by the Creator. 

Enjoy the latest piece by Elizabeth Rene’, entitled—W.O.M.A.N. In honor of EVERY woman during this 2019 Women’s History Month! (Click the image above to listen)

Meet Elizabeth Rene’

Elizabeth Rene’ Bellinger is a poet, author and playwright born in Orlando but reared in the small town of Oakland, Florida. She’s a graduate of Florida A&M University and currently teaches High School Math, while running a local educational consulting business. She uses her gifts of public speaking and teaching to inspire her community to delve into the arts; especially useful while mentoring and participating in youth advocacy programs. She desires to see creative arts used as a platform for positive communication, for this generation and society at large.

Miss Bellinger’s art is influenced by Maya Angelou’s vulnerability, Nina Simone‘s activism, Langston Hughes’ innovation and Henry David Thoreau’s love for nature; allowing her writing to be both inspirational and thought provoking. Her works explore the use of art as a both sanctum and solution; a tool that provides (and administers) a sense of retreat and resolve to those that experience it. In addition, she’s had the privilege of traveling across this country and into Canada, sharing her gift of spoken word poetry, yet finds it most rewarding to see others embrace their own artistic gifts.

Whether writing poetry, plays or blogs, her work seeks to bring comfort to humanities’ hurts while offering it hope for a better existence. Her published work, “The Kaleidoscope Anthology” houses a collection of inspirational blogs, poems and one funny short story. She’s currently working on her first novel, has completed the first book in her series of multicultural children’s phonics books, and has completed an audio book titled “A Poet’s Rhapsody: Haikus, Verses and Muses”, that will be  released in the Spring of 2019.

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