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We are women sharing life through media, health, wealth, travel, education and family by creating a community of diverse individuals that inform, encourage and inspire.


To become a true resident of the Central Florida means making connections to the world around you.

Our Central Florida based company compiles the resources for you to help maximize you live your best life now. We bring stimulating information to families while also tackling real-life topics and necessary information to help you navigate your busy lives.


Emma Sandi-CMO

Emma Sandi is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. She obtained her Master’s of Science in Nursing at Dominican College in New York and is currently a Nocturnist in the inpatient hospital acute care setting. She is also an entrepreneur in other business ventures.

As a single mother of two beautiful children, she is always in search of fun and creative ways to spark her children’s creative mind. After relocating from New York to Florida, she was graced with meeting a group of intelligent and like minded women. These women inspire mothers to be more proactive participants in exposing their children’s lives to opportunities in social and educational enrichment. Her goal is to further this movement by inspiring other parents to expand their children’s exposure to the arts, culture and all educational opportunities that are available to them.

She strives for the very same experiences for her children and she would love to bring her knowledge to you.

Meredith Cook-CFO

Meredith Cook is a Chicago, IL native and a professional Chemical Engineer & Consultant. Her background includes engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management. She is married and a mother of one amazing little girl! After leaving corporate America and deciding to stay home with her baby in a new city, the internet became an opportunity to meet new mothers and children. It sounds simple, but the reality is…it wasn’t. Through the journey of meeting mothers, she learned there are countless moms having great experiences with their kids, so why not share them.

Meredith created a network within her city to gather information on happenings around town, while covering topics every mother has to tackle at some point.

NewHue’s goal is to create a platform where people can gather information on a variety of topics that affect parents, children and families as a whole. We all want to truly live our best lives! That time is now! Join the movement and connect with us!

Amanda Johnson-CEO

Amanda Johnson is a Public school K-12 Educator. She is the mom of 2 amazing little gentlemen. Amanda passionately believes that instilling the values of Education, Equality, Persistence and Love will create a culture of individuals that allows us to see our differences as a strength to make the world a better place. She guides her children and students to be independent thinkers who are able to view the world from all perspectives.

She is excited about sharing her life with the public, as an example to the world that, our differences are not as vast as the ties that bind us. She desires for all families to benefit from the wealth of knowledge in the community. Therefore, she created a safe nonjudgmental space for people to communicate and support one another.

Amanda wants everyone to thrive and live their best most fulfilling life.

“You are the author of the life that you desire”, so join New Hue and be inspired to live your best life!

Samara King-COO

Samara King has always been a person who enjoys helping others while also providing beneficial information that assists others move ahead in this world. She believes that’s how she ended up in the field of Rehabilitation First as a Recreational Therapist at the University of Florida. Her skill base was broadened after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at Florida International University.

Just like the meaning of her name, “Seed of the elm tree,” she enjoys planting seeds of knowledge by helping others face the impossible and create new ideas of possibilities. Samara is a proud mommy of an 8-year-old boy named Je’siah; which has been a complete joy and roller coaster ride in navigating the role of parenthood as a single mother. As a single mommy, Samara hopes to fuel others by reminding them that they can do this! They can still be fashionable, travel & enjoy their lives with their children!

According to Samara, “Our goal with New Hue Media is to show our readers that if we can do it, you can do it too.” Samara is excited to see New Hue grow into a company that will help people feel empowered to share their knowledge in all areas of life and to know that when we do things together by promoting and uplifting each other only great things can happen.