Back to School: How Kids Get Back on Track! 


This time of year always begins with the excitement of back to school. Children need supplies, books, clothes/uniforms and many other items to make their school year a success. If our children are better prepared for success, then our minds rest a little easier and we feel like we’re winning at this role of “Parenthood”.  As we prepare to have another successful school year, let’s remember what creates success for our children:

Back to School: How Kids Get Back on Track! 

1.     Creating a Kids Control Center (KCC) at Home  

2.     A Balanced Schedule 

3.     Communication/Feedback 

The Kids Control Center (KCC)

This is a great idea for any home. Try to have one central location that kids place their backpacks, find supplies, look for direction after school and prep for the next day.  

We can tell our kids what to do but many of us are just like our children are: visual. If kids can see and identify a central point of communication, they are more likely to get everything done.  

From a simple dry erase board to a re-crafted mud room you can find plenty of ideas that work for your family.

Back to School: How Kids Get Back on Track! 

A Back to School Balanced Schedule 

An average school day can be challenging but once you add homework, family time and your evening routine…your day is done. So how do we balance after school interests? The key is to let your kids try new things but always remember your priorities. Kids should never be overwhelmed or too tired because of after school activities. It should be fun, enriching and definitely worth the time. Pace yourself and your child. If the school year is too hectic, remember summer is a great time to dive into your child’s interest.


After school we always ask our children about their day. It’s also good to ask them how they feel about their daily schedule, sleep level, satisfying lunches and what we can improve upon for any aspect of their daily routine. Children will be honest. Remember, the beginning of the year is an adjustment and changes can be made. Don’t feel like you or your child has to commit to everything. No is a real word, use it. Clear and honest communication is the key to creating a happy and balanced life. 


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