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Concierge Medicine in Orlando- Emily Han

Emily Han is an entrepreneurial maven. She has taken set on expanding on concierge medicine in the Orlando region. Check out these two convenient services.


A Poet’s Rhapsody by the Author•Artist•Speaker Elizabeth Rene’ Speaks Elizabeth Rene’ is an artist that uses spoken...

Don’t Let Stress Turn You into A Mess!

Stress... Is the traffic causing you to feel elevated levels of stress? Are the kids screaming in...
Resolutions: New Year Chapter 1

New Year’s Resolutions: ...

We have repeatedly seen social media posts declaring “New Year, New Me!”. Proclamations like this are wonderful as they help us to imagine our new year.

Makeup Artistry- EyeDareU

DareShawn: Professional Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur & Mentor DareShawn Henry has a quiet demeanor, but is a...

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