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Parents, never fear, ELDERBERRY JUICE is here!

Waking up to a fever of 103 causes immediate panic. Well, you would if it was your first child, like me. However, I am an experienced parent now, so I know a few techniques to reduce the fever before rushing to the doctor, according to Dr. Sears. Let me introduce you to this magical immune system booster!

My Holistic Journey

My son was diagnosed with Acute Otitis Media at the age of 2. Then, he had enlarged adenoids and tonsils at the age of 3. The Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT) asked us to wait and see if he would grow out of these conditions. If he didn’t, the recommendations were tubes in his ears and/or removal of his adenoids. As a former Speech Therapist, neither of these was an option for me. Thus, my extensive research began for alternatives to having an Adenoidectomy, a surgical procedure to remove the adenoids. I tried multiple natural and holistic approaches to reduce the adverse effects of the enlarged adenoids. Our first stop was Intentional Wellness; a gentle, non-invasive technique that benefits a vast array of conditions and is safe for all ages.


The snoring had become unbearable at home and at daycare. I received several notes from daycare about his breathing during nap time and how it startled the other students. My oldest son was sharing a room with him at the time and he didn’t sleep well either. A coworker of mine, whose child had constant ear infections, suggested Craniosacral Therapy (CST) because it avoided the need for tubes in her son’s ears. I was desperate, so I tried it.

Intentional Wellness has certified therapists that perform CST. This kind of therapy is an integrative bodywork that balances the body systems, optimizes function, brings about meaningful change, and improves our natural ability to heal. Initially, I was a little skeptical but after the first visit, my son slept peacefully through multiple nights with minimal snoring, and life at daycare was pleasant. However, due to my schedule, I was unable to continue our appointments. Leaving Intentional Wellness deeply saddened me because my son was physically hurting due to the fluid building in his ears. It felt as though I had no options.

Pediatrician Recommended 

The ear infections returned and so did our sleepless nights. Thankfully, our wonderful Pediatrician, Lorna Bennett recommended Elderberry Juice a wonderful immune system booster. Like the wise parent I am, I purchased the juice but never used it until…

The Fever Fear

I woke up in the middle of the night to my son crying, with a fever of 103 and his eyes sealed shut with green goopy eye fluid. Everything in me wanted to run quickly to the nearest doctor, but since this was my second child, I was equipped with a bag of tricks. Since I was a regular at Intentional Wellness, my medicine cabinet was completely empty. My usual assortment of medicines: Tylenol, Motrin, Zarbees, and Mucinex were all gone! In a panic and out of options, I reached into my medicine cabinet to find the Elderberry juice. I had no choice but to use it and pray for the best. I gave my son the juice and quickly ran to the store to buy more Motrin. My only thoughts were that my son could have a seizure if he reached a temperature of 104.

The Magical Immune System Booster Berry

Thank Heavens for 24-hour Walgreens!!! While at the store, I called home for an update on his temperature and he was asleep. Once I returned home, I used both the temporal scanner and the inner ear thermometer to double-check his temperature. To my surprise, it had decreased to 101. I continued to check his temperature and give him the Elderberry juice 4 times that day, which is the recommended dosage for intensive treatment. By 10 am he was talking, eating, and playing. Typically, fevers spike right before the next dosage is due, but this never happened with the Elderberry juice. My brain was on overload with this magical berry.

I’m a believer, try it!

Significant research is available on the health benefits of Elderberry juice. According to, Elderberries (Sambucus) have been a folk remedy for centuries in North America, Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. Hence the medicinal benefits of elderberries are now being investigated and rediscovered. Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity that lowers cholesterol, improves vision, boosts the immune system, and improves heart health. For colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections, and tonsillitis elderberries are miracle workers. Bioflavonoids and other proteins in the juice destroy the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect a cell. People with the flu who took elderberry juice reported less severe symptoms and felt better much faster than those who did not.

Elderberry Juice to the rescue!
These are my phenomenal experiences and may or may not yield the same results. Try and seek your own results. 

My Recommendations:

  • Consult your doctor before trying any new medications.
  • First-time use, should not be at such an extreme temperature.
  • Try to use it at the onset of fevers and colds and you will see an immediate result when used as recommended.
  • Use the vitamins daily to help reduce future fevers and colds.



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