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Emily Han- Entrepreneurial Maven in Concierge Medicine

New Hue has chosen Mrs. Emily Han as this month’s entrepreneurial maven in concierge medicine. “What is concierge medicine?”, you may ask. Concierge Medicine is a convenient healthcare relationship between the client and the provider which is established on an out-of-pocket fee for service. They also have in-home services which is a reason for its popularity with the the busy individual. Furthermore, exceptional service is the standard of care in concierge medicine. Similarly, exceptional healthcare is foremost at the foundation of Emily Han’s services. Her passion in delivering personable and convenient healthcare has resulted in amazing strides in bringing to you the provision of concierge medicine in Central Florida. Her services include in-home visits to easily facilitate your comfort and ease in the delivery of safe and convenient healthcare. As a result, this attracts your average on the go person to concierge medicine.

Convenient Services

Revive Therapeutics and magicMD are practical and convenient solutions to optimizing your well being. We all lead busy lives. As a result, we may put our health or the back burner due to the hustle and bustle of life. Instead of delaying healthcare, we should rather opt for convenient healthcare. Another reason for delayed healthcare is accessibility. These two services offer amazing healthcare in your home, resulting in suitability for your busy life. We can’t wait to tell you more about these exceptional and easily accessible concierge medicine services but first, let’s meet the brains behind the operation.

Emily Han – Entrepreneurial Maven

Emily started her career in healthcare IT as a research educator. Thereafter, she spent more than a decade as a clinician. She worked in a variety of specialties including intensive care, emergency and international travel medicine. Emily continued into clinical management and director roles as well as consulting while completing her master’s degree in nursing education and informatics. Recognizing an opportunity to fill care gaps and promote health and wellness, Emily sought to create unique solutions. In addition to Emily’s professional and educational accolades, she is also active in both the clinical and healthcare business industries as a member of HIMSS, ANIA, ANA/FNA, ISTM and Sigma Theta Tau.

Entrepreneurial maven in concierge medicine
Entrepreneurial Maven

Concierge Medicine in Orlando

Now, let’s take a look at the services in concierge medicine that Emily Han provides in the Orlando Region. Revive Therapeutics and magic MD offer you convenient and exceptional services.


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