Vegan Bakery in Orlando-Erin Mckenna’s


Vegan Bakery

Erin McKenna’s cupcakes

Are you often on the go and suddenly have a sweet craving? Your taste buds are in search of confectionery goodness, however, you’re vegan, so you can just go anywhere. Consequently, options are slim to none. You’re in search of a vegan bakery.

Erin McKenna’s is a vegan bakery nestled in Walt Disney World’s shopping mecca, Disney Springs. It features one of Orlando’s best locations for tasty vegan treats. Here you can expect to find decadent brownies, soft scrumptious cookies and also an array of flavorful and fun cupcake options. In addition to their plant based selections, these sweet delicious treats are also gluten free! Your plant based taste buds will not be disappointed.

Orlando is known for its hot scorching summer days. The good news is that we have ice cream worthy days year round. This is wonderful because Erin McKenna also has soft served ice cream with no sacrifice in taste! My 8 year old son loved this coconut based creamy goodness. There are other flavor options. Your children will love this bakery!

vegan kids
Erin Mckennas soft serve ice cream

In addition to your shopping, visit this sweet spot here in Orlando’s Disney Springs for your vegan bakery desires.  

Disney Springs Erin McKenna’s Bakery


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