Ethos Vegan Kitchen- Delicious Plant based Foods


Ethos Vegan Kitchen is one of Central Florida’s vegan hot spots. They offer an array of options on the menu. Their foods range from your all American meals to delicious Italian entrees.

My favorite thus far is the pigs in the blanket. This was served as an appetizer. However, my son wanted his own, so we had to get two servings! The crust was so “buttery” and flaky. The dipping sauce added to the wonderful flavor.

pigs in a blanket

Another favorite was the lasagna. The marinara sauce was made to perfection with wonderful spices and the right touch of sweetness. The “cheesy” goodness is an amazing addition to the taste of this entree.

We completed our dining experience with a a good old fashioned chocolate cookie. However, they had ice cream and an array of options on the dessert menu. Cookies, cakes, brownies galore. There is more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ethos vegan kitchen

Ethos Vegan Kitchen has a homey feel to the atmosphere. The staff is warm and inviting. The decor is colorful and eclectic. And the food is prepared home-style. Therefore, visit Ethos Vegan Cafe and enjoy a new experience in your plant based lifestyle.

Check out their website.


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