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DareShawn: Professional Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur & Mentor 

DareShawn Henry has a quiet demeanor, but is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup industry. With over 8 years of experience, DareShawn has mastered the art of beauty while helping women look and feel their best for any occasion. DareShawn is a Licensed Esthetician based in the Orlando area. She not only thrives in her industry, she also helps other makeup artist hone their skills and takes care of her family all while putting God first.

As a young child, DareShawn loved to draw and study faces while flipping through the latest magazines. Futhermore, her mother worked as a full-time Cosmetologist and proved to be an inspiration along with famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown, Reggie Wells, Fiona Stiles and Danessa Myricks. Consequently, this futhered her love for the craft.

In 2017, DareShawn launched her own product line DareGlam Beauty. Her products and also her color patterns are sleek while keeping the everyday woman in mind. It was a pleasure discussing beauty and what drives this amazingly stunning entrepreneur. Check out her website for more details and watch our interview with DareShawn now!


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