Healing On The Water


I thought I would never kayak, after a traumatic experience kayaking a few years ago, but, that’s no longer my story! Thanks Full Tale Outdoors, my experience was truly healing on the water.

Full Tale Outdoors was hosting Give Back Night (a way of spending time with friends and thanking God for all he is doing in our lives by sharing it with others). I signed up with my best friend, son, and niece. I didn’t immediately recall my trepidation with kayaking but as the day drew near my heart couldn’t stop pounding.

We drove an hour to the location, a surprise for the little ones as we shared stories and laughs on the journey to Titusville. With all of the fun on the way there, my mind was almost distracted. I didn’t think about what was to come nor did I feel anxious. However, when I arrived and saw the kayaks, it all came rushing back! I walked down the shore to meet Trevor, our guide for the evening, and we chatted about my fear as the kids played along the shore.

An Outdoor Experience

Healing On The Water
Science lesson live!

Once we received our safety instructions and placed our items in the boat, we climbed into the kayak. My heart was beating a mile a minute! At this moment, all I wanted was to be safely across the lagoon on Horseshoe Crab Island. I paddled so fast that I barely allowed my son to help. We arrived first on the island and I paused for a while as the others came in. At this moment, I was grateful that I made it. But I wanted more than to make it I wanted to enjoy the experience. There was a cross strategically left by some other visitors. The sight of this made me smile. Once the others arrived we explored the island, viewed a rocket launch, learned about marine life, and watched the sunset. My heart was full but what was looming in the back of my mind was the trek back. Because Trevor is such a phenomenal guide, he sensed our trepidation about navigating around the island. It was almost dark enough for us to see the bioluminescence in the water. So, we took the most direct route back to shore which lead us directly into 2 or 3 dolphins feeding on dinner. When I spotted them, my heart was racing! My thoughts were “what is that? It’s getting closer. Breathe.” I told Trevor where I spotted the dolphin and one appeared. He talked us through observing them and we used our paddles to see the bioluminescence, cruising to shore safely.

A New Beginning

Healing On The Water
Before our kayaking adventure

It wasn’t until I began to head home that I noticed I enjoyed the experience. My son was even able to have some extra fun guiding the kayak back! I let go and left my fears on the water.

On this adventure, we watched a rocket launch, witnessed a beautiful sunset, splashed with bioluminescence, and partook in a science lesson. We even encountered dolphins, shore birds, pelicans, and many other species.

I left the experience feeling whole, reinvigorated, and ready for my next adventure! Join Full Tale Outdoors today.

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