Inside look into the life of a Real Estate Photographer and Realtor


Jasmine Sadberry, is a Real Estate Photographer and the owner of Properties with Jasmine and JAR Photography. She is a Realtor and Professional Photographer that has dedicated her career to documenting and selling structures through clean and creative photography. She has an eye for design and an attention to detail and lighting.  Above all, Jasmine creates art with every photo she takes and changes lives with every home she helps sell.

Properties with Jasmine
Real Estate Photographer

The Realtor

Realtor Jasmine Sadberry

As a native Central Floridian, she knows the Orlando area well. Thus, as your agent, she combines her artistry as a photographer and her knowledge as an agent to help you buy, sell or invest in Orlando.

Real Estate Photography

The Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photographer Jasmine Sadberry
“You visit the future on the canvas of your imagination.” ~ Jasmine Sadberry

The Woman Behind the Lens

During her years as a real estate photographer, she has photographed a multitude of properties including multi-million dollar homes. Thus, her experience has helped her gain an insight on how to market properties. This unique perspective has served her well as a Realtor.  

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JAR Photography

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New Hue was honored to have Jasmine Photography for us at the Diner En Blanc Event


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