It’s Florida! What More is There to Say?


Known as one of the top tourist destinations of the world, Florida offers so much to do year-round. There are many hidden jewels in Florida that have yet to be discovered by the masses.

Weeki Wachee Springs, known as the city of mermaids, offers a live mermaid show that is a must-see.

“Set on 538 acres and home to the deepest naturally formed spring in North America, this state park is best known for its live Mermaid Shows, where “half-fish, half-human” performers swim and dance in an underwater theater built 20 feet below the spring’s surface.”

Mermaids aren’t the only things you can enjoy here. Take a riverboat cruise or go kayaking in the springs. There’s much to do and discover in Weeki Wachee Springs!

Let’s head over to the underwater hotel in Key Largo, Florida! Putting on scuba gear is required to get to your room, but rumor has it that once you are there your stay will feel like you’re in a submarine. It’s one of those things you have to say you experienced at least once in your lifetime.

Surely, you’ve said to yourself at some point that you really want to pet a manatee, right? If you answered “yes,” let’s go to Chiefland, Florida so we can do just that.

Manatee Springs water is so clear that you can watch the manatees swim around. If you’re adventurous, go kayaking in the springs and if you’re lucky, a manatee will jump on the side of your boat for you to pet.

Put a little ghostly excitement in your Florida travels and visit the Ponce De Leon Hotel in St. Augustine. The architecture is enough to take your breath away! With Tiffany stained glass windows, statues, a picturesque ceiling and so much more your eyes will be filled with intrigue. While you’re taking it all in, be aware that some of the ghosts are said to haunt the hotel, may just be taking you in as well.

After visiting the Ponce De Leon Hotel, take a drink at the Fountain of Youth. Recognized as one of Florida’s first tourist attractions, this park offers a Navigator’s Planetarium, historical burial grounds, and landmarks. Make your visit complete and taste some of the local cuisines.

Let’s travel on to West Palm Beach and hit up the Bulk Candy Store Museum. They’ve got a golden ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and it’s signed by the cast! This place is amazing!  They have Kosher candy, candy bars, caramel, candy sticks, Christmas and Halloween candy, international candy, and simply too much candy to list! Take a tour and let your sweet tooth thank you!

Let’s get our laugh on at the National Comedy Hall of Fame in Hollywood, Florida.

“The collection includes featured sections on many of comedy’s most famous pioneers, from Amos and Andy to Abbot & Costello, the Three Stooges, The Little Rascals, Charlie Chaplin, Don Knotts, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Lucille Ball, Phyllis Diller, Robin Williams, George Carlin and a great many more.

Many comedians still come to perform at the Comedy Hall for special events. You never know who may take the stage.

As you can see, Florida has so much to do. Take your pick and enjoy!


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