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Interview with Dr Primrose Cameron

New Hue How did you become the woman you are today? From being a single mom to now a community leader?

Dr. Primrose Cameron My grandmother always says that nothing happens before time. I would say that God has truly provided me a level of progression that allows my parents and son to be proud. At times I have worked 3 jobs while attending college to support my son and I. I also credit Dr. Margaret Duncan, a former professor and advisor at Bethune Cookman College who told me that I would make a great educator even when I didn’t believe it myself. Education has been my platform that has led to my community and union activism and my passion for helping people.

New Hue As a woman of many talents how do you balance it all? What are some tips for woman to balance work, Play, and save the world at the same time?

Dr Primrose Cameron I truly wish I was saving the world, but I am far from that. I am just doing my part and operating in my direct obligation to assist with the needs of others. I balance my life with a strong, yet small support system of family and friends and I take lots of breaks. I am a former counselor, so I truly believe in self-care and only doing things that make me happy. I have grown from saying yes to everything and prioritizing.

New Hue As a single mother of a son what tips do you have in raising up a son to be a successful man?

Dr Primrose Cameron I never wanted praise for doing what a father is not doing. I just wanted to be the best mom and woman that there is, so I have no problem relinquishing many tasks that I was not the best fit for, to the mentors in my son’s life. It was important to keep him active in Boy Scouts, Band, National Achievers, YMCA Black achievers and more. We are not meant to do everything alone.

New Hue In your new adventure as a new author of Princess Primrose goes to Washington DC how did you come up with this character?

Dr Primrose Cameron Actually, I have always wanted to be a writer since the 1st grade. I started with poetry and moved from there. In fact, I majored in English at Bethune Cookman in hopes to become a writer one day. For so long I was pushing others to achieve their dreams, I finally added myself to the list. The character is a mini-me although it never took place when I was little. However, my parents have been married and together well over 45 years and I am a firm believer in the importance of a strong family unit whether traditional or not. I wanted children to know that they should be treated as a prince or princess and that the adults are there to love and take care of them. But also, that there are lessons in life that must be learned at all ages whether good or bad. She has learned patience in this book, but there is so much more for her to learn.  

New Hue How do you hope her story will help our children?

Dr Primrose Cameron I hope that it will inspire children to accept new learning and ask for help when necessary. Also, I hope that they know that they are loved and are beautiful in their natural form. Where can we get your book? The book is available on amazon or at any of my book signings. I also am available to speak and do a book reading for groups that are interested.

New Hue As a woman thinking about becoming an Author what suggestions do you recommend?

Dr Primrose Cameron I recommend writing what makes you happy. Then find the people that support you and are able to assist with the process. Although, I self-published, Alberta Skyy Publications became a strong supporter of my process. Lastly—just do it!

New Hue What is Sister’s Build? The Sisters Build Network is a group for women to uplift and inspire each other.  When Do you meet?

Dr. Primrose Cameron We currently meet on the 3rd Monday of every month in Port Orange and the 3rd Wednesday of every month in DeLand. Both at the YMCA in Volusia County. We are hoping to expand outside of the county with the assistance and support of other women that would like to bring Sisters Build to their town. How can this group help me and my business? This group has many benefits through the membership component that includes mentoring, one-on-one coaching and P.U.S.H (pursuing underlying strengths and happiness). It can not only help your business but also in personal development.

New Hue What is Sister’s Build for girls? Sisters Build Network for Girls, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring services to girls in grades 6th-12th. How will this help my daughter?

Dr Primrose Cameron We hope to enhance the lives of our youth by providing opportunities for leadership and personal development. We meet the 1st Saturday of every month and also have scheduled retreats, college tours and more throughout the year. We are always seeking donations and sponsorship to help with the enhancement of the program.

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