Lake Nona: A Look Into the Future


Deemed one of the safest places in Orlando, Lake Nona enters the spotlight shining bright with great schools, diversity, a family-friendly environment, and top medical research facilities.

This planned community has over 16,000 residents and continues to grow daily. With health and well-being at the center of focus in Lake Nona, each community was designed with the intention to encourage an active lifestyle of exercise, a positive mindset, and community involvement and interaction. Over 40 miles of walking trails are connected to residential developments to boost walkability.

“Lake Nona offers programs that invite people out of their homes to engage with the community via yoga classes in the park, outdoor movies and music, flower design, garden workshops, local art events, holiday activations, and more.”

Fun and entertainment were also part of the vision in the development of Lake Nona. At its start, Lake Nona began to burst at the seams once the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club were constructed. From there, retail and entertainment venues continued to pop up on the scene. Lake Nona’s Town Center hosts 4 million square feet of upscale shopping and dining, with numerous entertainment events on the calendar.

Influenced by art with a neo-urban feel, the Lake Nona Town Center is home to “The Beacon” and “The Code Wall,” designed by artist, JEFRE. These iconic 6 story landmarks deliver captivating music and sensational videos as the night encroaches.

With advancements in technology and innovation at the helm, Lake Nona hails as Florida’s first-gigabit community giving residents and businesses access to high-speed internet connectivity. Adding to forward-moving technology and research, Verizon Business brings an innovation hub to explore 5G solutions.

“Innovators will be able to test how Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband’s super-fast speeds, high bandwidth, and low latency can enhance applications for industries prevalent in Lake Nona. Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network will benefit industries such as connected healthcare and technology, autonomous mobility, smart communities, health and wellness, and sports – among others.”

As Lake Nona was designed with the intention to encourage a healthy lifestyle with community interaction, with a focus on technology, it is no wonder that it is also known as Medical City. Housing numerous top health, research, and hospital facilities, this community is a magnet for attracting the best scientists and healthcare workers in the field.

This thriving community holds the record for many firsts. Lake Nona is the “First-gigabit community in Florida ∙ Introduced the region’s first autonomous solution to Orlando ∙ First community to co-locate a public elementary school with the YMCA ∙ Flagship location of Drive Shack ∙ One of nine Cisco Smart + Connected Cities in the world ∙ First stand-alone children’s hospital in Orlando ∙ First accredited university-based College of Medicine in Orlando (UCF College of Medicine) ∙ First shipping container park in Central Florida – Boxi Park – open-air park built using repurposed shipping containers that house different restaurant concepts ∙ Home to the U.S. Tennis Association National Campus.”

It’s clear to see why many deem Lake Nona as one of Florida’s most innovative utopian communities. Bridging family with innovation, Lake Nona gives a clear and present view of lifestyle communities of the future.


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