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Spotlighting A Phenomenal Woman You Need To Know! Elizabeth Rene

Elizabeth Rene’ is an artist that uses spoken word poetry to captivate her audience and take them on a journey that inspires and challenges them to grow.  At her core, she is an Educator. You can see this as she gently encourages transformation through the deeply personal messages of her own experiences. Her gifts are undoubtedly imparted by the Creator…Read More
Meet Dr. Osama Ansari, one of Orlando’s influences in the medical community. She is an honors graduate from American University of Antigua with an internal medicine residency at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Read More…

Don’t Let Stress Turn You Into A Mess!

Is the traffic making you feel elevated levels of stress? Are the kids screaming in the back seat? Are you running around making sure everything is in order just to find out you never have enough time to spend with your family? Sometimes you need a break, a break from the routine of work, school, eat, sleep, repeat! ..Read More

Looking For A Fun Date Night With Your Kids Check Out Our Top Popcorn Flicks!!!

Are you wanting to plan out with your kiddos a fun-filled movie night? Well look no furthur we have some great family movies for the 2019 year that you will not want your family to miss!

Celebrate Women’s History Month


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