Nestled in the heart of downtown Orlando is a vegan hot spot: Market on South. I visit often with my children who normally raise an eyebrow at vegan eats. This location, however, offers many items that are pleasing to their taste buds. Their twist on traditional mac and cheese is certainly undeniably delicious. My 9-year-old son specifically requests it for his lunch box at times. Fortunately, they do sell it prepackaged for refrigerating.

Market On South - Vegan Eatery in Orlando

My daughter and I often treat ourselves to their breakfast menu after a tough training session at the gym. My favorite is the flap jacks with corn bits and onion jam. I also love the butter grits. There is too much on the menu to be desired. You must visit!

Market On South - Vegan Eatery in Orlando

Market on South also offers doughy delightfully baked goods that are so tasty, that they will have you wondering if it’s truly vegan. In fact, I’ve had a conversation with the store manager and he stated that many often ask! Their wonderful baked goods are from Dixie Dharma and Valhalla Bakery. The selection of awesomeness is too plentiful to list. Your taste buds will thank you!

If you are interested in more delicious vegan eats, check out another great local restaurant here.


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