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Fall Family Affairs! – Let’s Travel

It’s Fall! If you’re anything like me, you enjoy the colorful autumn days, crisp weather, and plentiful festivities.  These are the makings of a perfect family trip. Here are some great ideas for you and your familys’ wandering spirit.



Fall is here! It’s time for some new gear!

Looking for ideas on cool and comfortable gear for your kiddos?! Take a look at these cuties in their fall fashion.

Have you visited the Scott Maze Farm?

Visit Mount Dora for some awesomely “corny” fun! The family will love this adventure.

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Publix is Cooking up Something Special For You!

It’s the season of fancy meals and family fun! Are you interested in learning how to create new dishes? Maybe you want to entertain your creative and ever exploring child with something new. Here is a great idea for the season….and beyond!

Did you know that Publix offers cooking classes at select locations? What a wonderful and fun way to educate your child. Yes! Educate! Learn about the benefits of cooking with your children. Click here to explore this fun activity  for you and your family.

Thankful Holiday Happenings

Expressions of thankfulness including devoting  valuable quality time to your family. There are many fun and exciting events in Orlando every thanksgiving season to aide in achieving this goal. has gathered together a plethora of fun filled family holiday happenings. Check it out!

Due to the many events and visiting snow fleeing family visitors, some of us prefer to eat out at one of Orlando’s hotspot eateries. has found your thanksgiving dining accommodations. Bon appetite!!

Special Events

Dîner en Blanc

We are so excited! This month, Diner en Blanc Orlando is having their third annual all white affair. New Hue Media will be in attendance to partake in the festivities of this exclusive outdoor event.

Do you want to learn more on what Dîner en Blanc is all about? Check it out here. UNATION tells us a bit about this amazing international event.

Tiffany D. Brown did a fantastic job covering the do’s and don’ts of this chic dining experience.

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