Orlando Summer Camps for 2022


The Early Bird Gets the Summer Camp Slot

When parents think of the concept of admissions, they typically focus on their child needing to be the best and the brightest. Well, parents, it’s time to breathe easy, it’s summer camp season and all children are accepted. Wait…that’s not exactly true. In this case, the early bird gets the summer camp slot.

Parents, be aware, almost all summer camp registrations are open and some will be closing soon. With summer camp deadlines and quotas to be met, programs are now living by the statement “the early bird gets the slot.” Long gone are the days of waiting until June to decide where my child will spend the summer. Unless they are going to Grandma’s house with an open door policy, it’s best to start now! If you start early, there is seemingly an unlimited amount of summer camps available that fit all budgets, cater to children’s preferences, and are parent-approved.

Below is a list of some of my favorites along with some great summer camps worth trying. As you read below, most summer camps offer a variety of classes that encompass something for every child.

Outdoor Summer Camps

Sea World Camps

SeaWorld Orlando’s summer day camps offer fun, quality educational experiences along with superior safety standards and low counselor-to-camper ratios. Caring, well-trained counselors help ensure an action-packed week of laughing and learning for all. So if you’re looking for a different species of Day Camp – you’ve found it!

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Bring your child to a whole new world of adventure!
Explore these exciting summer programs including half and full-day camps for children ages 5-12. Choose from a wide variety of fun and exciting camps such as Pirates of the ZOOribbean, Jr. ZooKeeper, Jungle to Jungle, and more!

STEAM Summer Camps (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Full Sail Labs

Full Sail Labs is a state-of-the-art educational facility fostering learning through exploration, creativity, and collaboration for kids (ages 7-12) and teens (ages 13-17).  The educational experiences are designed for students from 1st to 12th grades with a focus on technology, science, art, and media.

Orlando Museum of Art

Studio Art Sessions are for students entering grades 1-8.
Become immersed in art-making experiences that place value on the process of creative expression in a relaxed atmosphere. From programs for fun-loving kids to the more serious art students, sessions offer something for every budding artist. Register for one week or up to ten weeks with a different theme to choose from each week!

Florida Institute of Technology

Enrolling in a Florida Tech sports or academic summer camp is more than just fun. It’s a valuable introduction to the college experience at a top national research university. While having fun honing their athletic skills or diving deeper into their favorite academic fields, campers also get to experience campus life first-hand. Plus, full-day participants get to eat lunch in the fabulous Panther Dining Hall.

Orlando Science Center

This summer camp strives to provide a safe, fun, nurturing environment that promotes hands-on learning while fostering excitement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Orlando Science believes that their summer camp provides an environment that encourages 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary for children to thrive.

Adventures in History

History and fun collide at the Adventures in History summer camp program. With exciting changes, including new themes, history-focused activities, more field trips, and special programs. Campers will enjoy a mix of themed activities, performances, exploration in the museum’s exhibits, field trips in downtown Orlando and via the SunRail, and much more. Your child is sure to have a historic summer adventure!


Orlando Repertory Theatre

Explore. Create. Perform.
Whether your young thespian is a beginner or a pro, their award-winning Youth Academy is the perfect environment to inspire creativity and build community through the arts. For over 20 years, Orlando Repertory Theatre has provided the finest theatre training in Central Florida.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Taught by theater professionals, Orlando Shakespeare Theater summer camps are designed to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity while teaching life skills.

Dr. Phillips Center

Make summer a whole lot cooler!
Once the school year wraps up, the School of the Arts is in full swing. Every summer, students can spend a week or two completely immersed in their craft—learning from seasoned teachers during all-day sessions. Focused on musical theater, acting, or jazz music, these high-energy summer camp programs are as rewarding as they are intensive. Each culminates in an exciting showcase for friends and family—a chance for students to show off their new (or newly perfected) skills.

Additional Camp Resources

Don’t forget to check out these additional summer camp resources to find the best summer camp experience in Orlando and the surrounding counties for your child.

Orlando County Library System

Sign up for technology camps and classes to create video games, mix music, build robots, harness solar power, and much more. Attend special events at all library locations featuring live performances, science, engineering, animals, arts, and storytelling. Log reading days, track library activities, and submit book reviews online to earn virtual badges.

Orlando Parks and Recreation

Take advantage of one of the affordable summer camp options that the City of Orlando offers. A safe and affordable summer “day” camp program for youth who have completed Kindergarten up to fifth grade. This program is offered Monday-Friday for the weeks school is out following Orange County Public Schools calendar, at 16 community and recreation centers. Summer camp offers a variety of recreational activities, including swimming, crafts; indoor and outdoor activities, exciting field trips (additional expense), computer labs, and special events.

In addition, the Orlando Sentinel compiled a list of Summer camps with a detailed list of FAQ’s. Check it out!

Orlando has a variety of camps for your youngster! Check out these great summer camps, then subscribe to New Hue Media and enjoy your summer!


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