summer slide

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Let’s play “Tackle the Summer Slide”Dr. Tisome Nugent (Cameron's mommy) Summer Slide Diane Ackerman...
U.S. Hunger

U.S. Hunger – Amazing Ways to Volunteer

U.S. Hunger launched in August of 2010 in Sanford, FL. Its mission is clear, ” Activating People for a Hunger-Free World.” This...

Florida Fish and Wildlife: Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Florida Fish and Wildlife: Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. It is an 11-mile driving trail inside of the 20,000-acre north shore of Lake Apopka. While you are here you could spot a bobcat, alligators, otters, snakes, and up to 362 different species of birds.

Discovery Cove, Orlando FL

Discovery Cove is a unique all-inclusive day resort you want to check out in Orlando! It's a great place for you and your family to unwind in a tropical environment and enjoy various animal encounters.

Summer Camps 2022: New Hue Kids Recommendations

Last week, you learned that The Early Bird Gets the Slot for summer camps. So, right now you are probably finalizing your...

Orlando Summer Camps for 2022

Parents, be aware, almost all summer camp registrations are open and some will be closing soon. With summer camp deadlines and quotas to be met, programs are now living by the statement "the early bird gets the slot"

Summer is Approaching: The Inside Scoop on Summer Camps

As the school year begins to wind down, children begin to wind up. The allure of what the summer vacation will bring...

Cocoa Beach, Florida: The Hidden GEM

Cocoa Beach: Become Unhidden in Space Exploration Exploring Space Camps and More

Go RVing: The New Middle-Class Dream

Go RVing With the rise in our housing markets, stagnation of incomes, and the...