Resources to Prevent Summer Learning Loss 


It’s summertime and your friends here at New Hue want to keep you informed and encouraged about the ever-present issue of summer learning loss, also known as the summer slide. Did you know that during the summer children lose between 20 to 40% of the knowledge they learned during the school year? Never fear, we are here with resources to prevent summer learning loss.

As an Educator, I believe that learning should be appropriate for the learner, encourage curiosity while stretching their academic abilities, and still be fun!

So, here are some websites/apps that do just that! Some apps are free while others have a membership fee. Also, check with your school to see if some of these resources are available with a school-paid membership.



  • XtraMath (K-6) Math fact fluency practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Sum Dog (K-8) Adaptive learning games in math and spelling


  • Starfall (Grades K-3) Collaboration, exploration, and play
  • Epic (All Ages) Any reading level and any topic

Teacher Your Monster to Read(Early readers)-Games are designed to complement what is learned in school


  • ABC Mouse – (Ages 2-8) Reading, Math, Science, Arts & Colors
  • Khan Academy – (K-adult) Personalized learning for anyone anywhere
  • IXL – (Grades K-12) Skills-based practice in Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, & Spanish
  • Splash Learn – (Grades K-5) Scientifically based fun learning
  • Prodigy Math – (Grades 1-8 Reading Grades 1-5) Curriculum aligned game-based learning that is engaging and fun


  • – (Ages 4-18) Learn computer science concepts while having fun!
  • Code Spark – (Ages 5-9) Use problem-solving skills as you learn how to code
  • Kiwi – (All ages) Creative Engineering projects using science and art

Tools from the school:

Check with the school to see what they are recommending/requiring for your student this summer. 

Fun Summer Learning

  • PBS Kids – Educational games and videos
  • Discovery Kids – Library of high-interest science and non-fiction social studies material

Do not forget about workbooks and tutoring! They are great for filling in gaps from the previous year and keeping them ahead for next year.

If you need some additional resources to prevent summer learning loss, check out this article

Happy Summer!


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