Ronald McDonald House: Families Can Volunteer


If you’re like me, you want to teach your children the value of giving back early. I’m always looking for opportunities where entire families can volunteer regardless of age and ability. There are many opportunities that one can explore. However, our family had the most memorable experiences at the Ronald McDonald House.

Ways Families Can Volunteer 

Ronald McDonald House: Families Can Volunteer

This is a facility where families can volunteer. A few of the ideas at RMH include:

– Share a Meal
– Creating Snack Pack for residents
– Creating New Mom Care Packages
– Donating to the house Wish List
– Planning Activities for the residents

These activities can be accomplished as a family, small group, or large group. Our family has prepared and donated dinner at the house. W
e prepared a taco bar served buffet style with all the trimmings to make the ultimate taco!

Our Project 

Ronald McDonald House: Families Can Volunteer

Happy Mommies Healthy Kids also participated in a group activity of preparing New Mom Care packets as well as snack packs for the residents. The staff has a suggested list of items for each type of care pack. The cool things is that your toddlers and older children can create these care packets along with you. You can have the children decorate the bags/baskets, create personalized cards and sometimes hand deliver the items to the residents.

The staff is very helpful with assisting you in preparing for your activity. The overjoyed residents were so appreciative to see us.  There is plenty of love and support flowing through the Ronald McDonald House the entire family can experience.

Interested in additional volunteering opportunities? Check out our article on contributing to your community here.


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