Seas Ons Greetings in Daytona Beach


When it comes to the New Year, people often think of the city that never sleeps. That’s right, New York City! Big lights and the shiny ball is the preferred destination for many. The perfect location is extremely important for so many different reasons such as resolutions, superstitions, and traditions. I cannot imagine what the year would look like if I didn’t clean the house, wash, fold, and put away all the laundry, change the linens on the bed, sweep the entrance, and make sure all the dishes are clean and put away. The New Year brings hope, expectation, and determination. Whether you celebrate in the comforts of your home or out, this time of year is a place of tranquility, peace, reflection, and let’s not forget, lots of fun!

While Florida may not come to mind first as a place for New Year’s fun, there are several places to go in Daytona Beach that you may not know about.

Imagine walking along the beach when the clock strikes 12 and sharing a smooch with your significant other, while the waves crash in the distance. Talk about romantic!

You can party the night away at The Hard Rock Hotel as they host “Hard Rockers and High Rollers.” This Casino Royale-themed event will have you gambling for charity, jamming to DJ Psycho Ced, and dancing to the music of iconic rock bands. Sip your champagne as the fireworks light up the sky to welcome in 2022.

Check out the New Year’s Eve masquerade party at Streamline Hotel Rooftop Bar. This sexy event is complete with hors d’oeuvres and a champagne bar. Formal masquerade attire, dueling DJs, and a prize giveaway at 12:30. Dance 2021 away and bring in the New Year with some excitement!

If getting all dolled up and being the talk of the town is your thing, make your way to the Blue Fame at the Daytona Hotel for their Roaring 20’s New Years’ Eve Bash! The party doesn’t stop until 3:00 am New Year’s Day and includes deluxe hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, dessert table, a live DJ, and much, much more.

If going out and partying is not your thing, no worries at all. You can gather the family or stay in solitude and get an Airbnb to chill in what will feel like a home away from home? Personally, I LOVE bringing in the New Year with my family at home, or at least what feels like home in an Airbnb or hotel. We can keep our “traditions” of flipping between channels and seeing everyone enjoy waiting for the ball drop, all while dancing in the family room with the kids and hubby to the various musical artists. We have our non-alcoholic champagne ready because as soon as that ball drops, we’re screaming Happy New Year, singing Auld Lang Syne, and I’m giving the first sugar to my husband. Meanwhile, the kids are busy clinking their champagne glasses and sipping as if they are adults. If we’re lucky, we can hold out for another 20 minutes and watch more of the shows, but usually, we’re knocked out at about 12:15 am.

Ok, enough about me and back to my point! Daytona Beach has a lot to offer for New Years’ celebrations, from a walk on the beach, partying all night long, or staying at a home away from home. The choice is yours. Make sure to welcome 2022 with open arms where ever you are.


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