Summer Camps 2022: New Hue Kids Recommendations


Last week, you learned that The Early Bird Gets the Slot for summer camps. So, right now you are probably finalizing your summer camp plans. Are you wondering what camps are still available and what would my child enjoy the most? Summertime is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. From a child’s perspective, it is a great time to relax and have fun with minimal obligations.

So, who better to ask than the little ones that will actually be experiencing the camps. We have taken the guesswork out for you and asked the New Hue kids for advice on the top 5 Orlando Summer Camps. Their task was to choose only 1 camp from each category: Performing Arts, Technology, STEM, Animal/Ecotours, and Creative Education. Check it out and see what you think.

This year we bring you new camp experiences directly from the New Hue Kids Orlando for the 2019 summer camp edition.

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Testimonial: “After the second day of Theater Arts camp, my daughter jumped into the car with a priceless grin that embodied every joyous emotion she possessed and screamed ‘Mommy TODAY WAS A CREATIVE EXPLOSION of fun!” As a parent, this gave me great joy to see her love for the Theater blossom and her interest intrigued as all the students were exposed to the trifecta of The Arts (dance, voice and musical theater).  And as a result, every summer afternoon of camp she eagerly studied and worked to learn more about the Theater and the diversity it offers all people.

I am a BELIEVER that THE ARTS make a difference! We are thankful for the opportunities the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center offer the Central area.”

~ Parent

Summer Camp Information

Once the school year wraps up, the School of the Arts is in full swing. Every summer, students can spend a week or two completely immersed in their craft—learning from seasoned teachers during all-day sessions. Focused on musical theater, acting or jazz music, these high-energy summer camp programs are as rewarding as they are intensive. Each culminates in an exciting showcase for friends and family—a chance for students to show off their new (or newly perfected) skills.

~ From Dr. Phillip Center for Performing Arts

iD Tech Summer Camps

Testimonial: “Did you know that technology is not just for the classroom? With iD Tech Camps, you are paving the way to a fun summer full of innovative experiences. These technology camps are not just in Orlando, you are sure to find a camp in a city near you. My two sons loved that they focused on coding. We believe you will like it too.”

~ Parent

Summer Camp Information

Welcome to the original tech camp, built around YOU. Code a mobile app. Design your own video game. Produce a viral video. Discover the secrets of cryptography. Our flagship program features over 30 innovative courses, blending world-class instruction with fun camp activities. In each weeklong session, you’ll explore an inspiring campus, make new friends, and build skills that last long after summer.

~ iD Tech Camps

Camp Kennedy Space Center Summer Camp

Testimonial: “Rovers, Satellites and space tools were the main topic of conversation for these future Scientist, Engineers, and Astronauts. The New Hue Kids were excited for this fun learning experience. Everyday brought a new opportunity to practice your new skills to problem solve and investigate. The center of the camp was learning how to preserve life here on earth while learning how to sustain and cultivate life on Mars. This is a camp worth exploring!”

~ Parent

Summer Camp Information

Camp KSC® is a weeklong day camp experience with lifelong impact, launching kids into a galaxy of fun and learning! Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s launch headquarters, specializes in STEM learning at its best, offering a week full of hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities for students ages 7 through 16.

~ Camp Kennedy Space Center

Central Florida Zoo Summer Camp

Testimonial: “The Sanford zoo camp experience was wonderful for Kids ages 5-12. Kids can participate in the Central Florida Zoo’s half- and full-day camps this summer. Campers can choose from camp topics including Pirates of the ZOOribbean, Jungle to Jungle and Jr. Zookeepers when you turn 9 years old among others. It’s hands-on and educational! Campers can bring their own lunch or purchase one at the zoo, and they even get two free T-shirts!”

~ Parent

Summer Camp Information

Fill up your summer with WILD adventures at the Central Florida Zoo! Campers can go behind-the-scenes in Jr. Zoo Keeper, set sail for mysterious islands in Pirates of the ZOOribbean, create their own zoo in Build a Zoo Workshop, and discover the “yuk!” side of animal science in Ickyology. These camps, and so many more offer one-of-a-kind and incredibly fun learning adventures.

NEW: Explore the Wild for Ages 9-12 and Zoology in Action for Ages 13-17 include the Aerial Adventure Course. Download the 2022 Summer Camp Brochure for more details

~ Central Florida Zoo

Page 15 Young Writers Summer Camp


“They are Young Writers encouraged to be creative thinkers as they pour their imagination onto paper. Each day they gracefully tackled the art of story-making to gain a complete understanding of the journey a book takes as it comes to life.

Their approach allowed my daughter to gain a more positive perspective for reading and grow to appreciate every book she now encounters. And the most exciting part for her was to illustrate and create her own book.”



“Every child has a voice and a story waiting to be told. With the Young Writers camp, their story is brought to life by “exploring their creative voice”. Our New Hue Kids explored this camp last year and are returning in 2019 with a few friends. Seeing each unique finished product that was authored completely by your child was phenomenal. The cover was beautifully created by an artist partnering with the Young Writers camp and professionally printed by a printing company. We can’t wait to see what new stories will be told this year.”

~ New Hue

Summer Camp Information

Venturing beyond reading and writing, Page 15’s popular Young Writers Summer Camps gives authors in 2nd – 12th grades the opportunity to write, illustrate, and publish their very own book with help from published authors, editors, and illustrators.  The Young Writers Camp is perfect for readers and writers of all abilities. NEW this summer! Page 15 is excited to announce a new partnership with UCF’s CREATE program to offer ANIMATION AFTERNOON workshops for students in 4th & 5th-grade camps!  

For more information about “Animation Afternoons” with CREATE, please call/email Page 15 at (407) 422-8755 or

~ Page 15 Young Writers Camp

Summer camp enrollment is almost completely full and it is only early April. Check out these summer camps, so that you can check ✅ summer camp enrollment off of your to-do list.

*These are camps that the New Hue Kids love and recommend, but are not endorsed by NEW Hue Media. Please explore and let us know what you think.



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