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Yasheema Marshall

New Hue Media would like to highlight a phenomenal woman making an impact in the Central Florida community: Yasheema Marshall. A Certified Parent Coach, Mommy motivator and Author, YaSheema is the owner and founder of brands that empower, educate and equip families to thrive in every area of life which has lead to establishing The H.O.T.M.O.M. conference. Her Coaching & Consulting company thrives to help families improve their everyday dynamics for the better and has served thousands of families over the past several years in various capacities. 

She is the founder of The Hotmoms Life Academy, an online personal development DIY campus created to assist mothers in various areas so they can live beyond motherhood. YaSheema’s goal, as the  visionary behind the H.O.T.M.O.M.S empowerment movement, is to empower as well as inspire mothers to be their best self NOW, not later and live life beyond motherhood guilt-free! Consequently, through this movement, her non-profit organization, The Hotmoms Life Club, Inc. was birthed. Throughout the year she hosts community events including The H.O.T.M.O.M.S Conference in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

In the vibrant Sunshine State, she provides an engaging platform and fun atmosphere for mothers who are ready to be more than just a mom and become their best self.  She also serves as the President of the Orlando Chapter of the non-profit organization, Mocha Moms, Inc. This national organization provides supportive, educational and social programming for moms of color.   

Her honest, supportive and carefrontational style of coaching has made her successful in supporting parents through difficult situations. As a wife and also mother of 6 (4 adults and 2 teens), she has a wealth of knowledge and information to share from her personal experiences as a mom, stepmom and serial mompreneur. She is no stranger to the challenges that may arise throughout a woman’s journey through motherhood. She is learning how to conquer the work, life and family triad while seeking self-fulfillment! YaSheema understands the need for mothers to have support, knowledge and tools to accomplish their true goals and dreams in life.

Furthermore, YaSheema has authored books, parenting programs, mommy tools, inspirational products as well as coaching services that are geared towards helping mothers tackle the barriers that are preventing them from living their best life NOW, not later! Purchase a book today!


The H.O.T.M.O.M.S conference

This will be the 6th Annual “H.O.T.M.O.M.S. EXPERIENCE” . Moms will focus on “The Woman Within”!  You may wear many hats but your mom hat is not the only one that matters.  It’s time for you to stop feeling guilty for desiring to live your dreams, stop being a mommy martyr so everyone else can be happy and to start taking the limits off that are stopping you from being your authentic self!

It’s time to start “making YOU a priority,”  hot mommas and go after your dreams, goals and aspirations! Register  TODAY as spots are limited and filling up fast! You’ll enjoy 2 power-packed days full of fun, workshop-style presentations, laughter, inspirational mom talks, prizes and MORE. 


H.O.T.M.O.M.S Life Club

The H.O.T.M.O.M.S conference

Being a mom is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences any woman will ever be faced with. Yet, we sometimes feel unworthy, unappreciated and guilty for not being the “perfect mom” or desiring a life that includes more than just motherhood.  Mothers are often faced with making the difficult choice between her dreams or motherhood because having both seems almost impossible.  I believe that mothers often lack the support, information and tools they need to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations they desire.  It is because of this mindset and these barriers, I decided to establish “The H.O.T.M.O.M.s Life Club”. This is a movement to educate, empower and uplift mothers during their motherhood journey so moms can live life to the fullest!

Our mission is to help mothers embrace their own authenticity, enjoy ALL of their life and be their best self NOW, not later!  Throughout the year we host fun and educational events to help mothers focus on improving their health–financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.  We host our annual conference in September in an awesome atmosphere where mothers from all walks of life will feel honored and celebrated for who they are and what they have done to impact the lives of their families and communities while still taking care of themselves! They will enjoy guest speakers, a dynamic panel discussion of community moms, pamper me stations and fun activities geared towards the improvement of their emotional, mental and physical health as a mother.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY!

Orlando Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc.

Yasheema is the current President of Orlando Mocha Moms, Inc. chapter it is a wonderful opportunity for moms of color to learn, laugh, listen and lean on one another.  We meet up to discuss topics that help us become better moms and women.  Mocha leaders arrange playdates, plan Moms Night Out as well as couples events.  Furthermore, Mocha Moms also participates in community service.  We’re always open to new ideas . . . art exhibits, street fairs, yoga, water parks, charity walks, theaters, restaurants, and much more!
It’s important to spend time with others who share common interests, values, and challenges.

Join us as we grow and learn together!

We welcome any mother who wants to build lasting friendships and support other moms.  We are committed to improving our ourselves and our community.  If you want to experience this sisterhood before making a membership decision, you may attend one meeting and one event as a nonmember.

Becoming a Mocha Mom is simple.  
Visit and click on ‘Join Us’ at the top of the screen.  When prompted, select the Orlando chapter.  You should receive an email confirmation after you join.  Please forward the email to  This allows us to add you to our roster faster.
Our events include: Monthly Support Meetings, Date Night, Community Service, Moms Night Out, Family Outings, Teens / Tweens Events.

Check them out this is a wonderful organization to be a part of Mocha Moms, Inc. – Orlando Chapter


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