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KRIVE Shop, how does it feel to have not one but two of your products go viral on the internet? Well, we found the perfect person to ask!

The KRIVE Shop
From The KRIVE Shop via Instagram Profile

Karla Johnson, the owner of the clothing brand, The KRIVE Shop, has had two of her shirts go viral; one was a shirt with the phrase “Occasional Adult” and another shirt with the word “GRIIITS” on it (this is a reference to the Jill Scott song “The Way” if you know you know).

Let me give a little backstory first. Karla Johnson is a graphic designer and entrepreneur. After earning her degree in Game Design, she’s worked with numerous companies, including JET Magazine. Not too long afterward, she started in October of 2016; the rest is history!

The Jacksonville resident (just two hours north of Orlando) has incorporated famous black sayings, words of empowerment, and even her love of anime into the collection through great-quality hats, hoodies, and t-shirts. Other references in her clothing line are a nod to her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, other popular songs in the black community, Kamala Harris during her 2020 campaign, food, and blerd (black nerd) culture.

The KRIVE Shop caters to men, women, non-binary people, and children. You can find them on social media and go to the website to shop for more!


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