Delta Sigma Theta: The Welcoming Inspirations of Summer


The anticipation of the summer season often brings about an unveiling of a refreshing newness.  It is during Spring and Summer that we begin to witness the beauty of all that has been planted, cared for and harvested in nature.  Summer has long been identified as a time to refocus and relax. It often seems that time slows down just a little for us to be allowed the opportunity to vacation more, enjoy a four-day work week, catch a movie on a weeknight, go swimming without any reservation, take an extra second to leisurely ride our bikes to a park and take a swing or just spend extra quality time with family and friends. 

We eagerly await the gifts of Summer as the flowers bring forth new blossoms and all the shades of vegetation cover the landscape as proof that the work and sacrifice have endured the Fall and Winter. A profound sense of accomplishment overwhelms us as proof that all of our goals set from our New Year’s resolutions in January have either survived and redesigned our blueprints or we can have this opportunity during the Summer to regain the purpose that challenges us to focus and fiercely proceed to attack the ‘finish line’.  The season offers a new perspective about TIME and unyielding HOPE, as we can enjoy the sweet fruit of the labor and simultaneously prepare our vision for a new harvest; a rebirth!

Pictured above are the Honorees and Committee Co Chairs at The 10th Annual Celebration of Women Brunch, hosted by The Orlando Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. On May 18, 2019 at Faith Hall, First Baptist Orlando

Delta Sigma Theta FIERCE Sisterhood

For the past four years, I have attended an extraordinary community event that signifies the joy of this summer rebirth for me.  On Saturday May 18, 2019 the Orlando Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated hosted the 10th Annual Celebration of Women Brunch.  As I entered the corridor of Faith Hall, First Baptist Church Orlando, the welcoming spirits of Sorors dressed in white adorned with beautiful red accessories, greeted guest with hugs and well wishes and escorted groups into the banquet hall that had been transformed into a magical experience radiating positivity and peace. 

The theme for this 10th year celebration honored F.I.E.R.C.E women who are pillars of the Central Florida community as they exemplify courageous characteristics that create and sustain the best for our communities. They are Faithful, Intentional, Engaging, Restorative, Change-Makers and Empowering. Their courage, unwavering voice to speak for a cause and desire to fulfill a greater mission in the lives of others against all odds is undoubtedly a FIERCE agent for prosperity.  For 106 years, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has continued to personify all the attributes of a FIERCE Sisterhood, committed to community uplift and The Orlando Alumnae Chapter takes this opportunity each year to ignite our passion(s) to make this world the best for ALL! 


As a participant each year, I am inspired to carefully evaluate the footprint I will leave on this earth.  And this years’ experience left me with an even more profound Call to Action. One of the many highlights of the Brunch is that the guest are always graced with a dynamic guest speaker. who uncannily helps us women reflect on our life’s accomplishments while empowering each of us to be FIERCE in our very own community.  Congresswoman Val Demings did just that and so much more at this year’s Celebration of Women’s Brunch as she challenged us to search deep within and answer “ARE YOU BECOMING WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE?” She stood proudly on that stage in the presence of hundreds of women and sprinkled wisdom from her personal experiences that have led her confidently into her current season on Capitol Hill as the voice for RIGHT!  She strongly affirmed that we (women) must ‘know your power and never underestimate your potential. Do not let fear or loss stop you’.

As her words resounded throughout Faith Hall I was encouraged to take inventory of my total being and force myself to answer ‘AM I BECOMING WHO I WAS MEANT TO BE?’ At that exact moment I realized that the snapshots in life are all combined to create a beautiful portrait. And in this season of Summer rebirth I need to focus on painting my portrait and not discarding the snapshots because EVERY experience planted in my life has a purpose.  And although the harvest yields a variety of different blooms in this summer season they are all combined reflect ALL THAT I AM BECOMING.  

I am grateful to My Sorors of The Orlando Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated for always serving our community and empowering us to be a FIERCE generation ready to change the world.  But first knowing it all starts with ME.

By Chenoa Reed

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