U.S. Hunger – Amazing Ways to Volunteer


U.S. Hunger launched in August of 2010 in Sanford, FL. Its mission is clear, ” Activating People for a Hunger-Free World.” This organization is helping children abroad and right here at home by making a meaningful impact with tangible results.

Ways to Volunteer with U.S. Hunger

U.S. Hunger offers three amazing ways to volunteer which are hosting a hunger project, volunteering at an open event, or making a financial contribution. Hosting a hunger project in your community is simple. You set a target goal of how many meals you would like to prepare, raise money, and gather volunteers to support the meal preparation. Remarkably, $1 feeds four children. The meals consist of dried food such as lentils, rice, and dehydrated vegetables.

The assembly line packaging technique is very easy for toddlers and elementary school-age children. The staff at U.S. Hunger are very knowledgeable, as a result, they wholeheartedly support making your hunger project a success! The open events are outstanding and easy for volunteers to signup for. All event information is on the website. Please remember that all participants must register.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Additionally, financial contributions are also a great way to continue this cathartic movement. U.S. Hunger actively commits to “making your contribution truly matter! Financial efficiency and meaningful impact are the pillars of our commitment. We believe that financial transparency combined with insightful data analytics is the key to a contribution that makes a meaningful difference.” As a result of their keenness, families are provided with much!

For anyone who may also need food, U.S. Hunger impressively offers assistance. Through Full Cart, America’s Virtual Food Bank, you can apply for food assistance here. Using much discretion, Full Cart helps meet the needs of families.

In conclusion, U.S. Hunger digs deep to serve the underserved. To learn more, organize a hunger project in your community, or generously support this incredible mission, please check out the website for more details: https://ushunger.org/


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