Fort Mose in St. Augustine, Florida – Why Should Your Family Take A Visit?


Have you ever heard of Fort Mose in St. Augustine Florida? Thousands of visitors flock to St. Augustine, Florida for the history, food and beautiful views of the ocean. St. Augustine is a city on the northeast coast of Florida. It’s known for its Spanish architecture and claims to be the oldest city in the United States. However many people don’t know the importance of Fort Mose in St. Augustine and it’s contribution to the African-American experience.

In 1738, Fort Mose was the first free black settlement in the US. The Spanish government offered asylum to escaped African slaves and in return they had to convert to Catholicism. In addition, the men also had to serve four years military service to Spain. This created a line of defense from the British. Therefore Spain could destabilize the plantation economy of the British colonies by creating a free black community to attract slaves seeking escape and refuge from British slavery.

Our family Fort Mose visit included a trip to their hands-on museum. There is a $2 admission fee that included a historical coloring book which is great for kids. Next, our outdoor walking tour with live characters demonstrated the journey of the slave and all the experiences endured on the road to freedom. Once we entered the fort, we were able to watch the militia train and use weapons of that period. This amazing experience is a must for all families!


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