Florida Fish and Wildlife: Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive


Central Florida was the most visited destination for the holidays according to Florida Today and USA Today in 2018. It is no surprise with proximity to the award-winning Clearwater Beach, four major theme parks, and the year-round warm weather. In addition to the major attractions, there is a local destination that is rich in history, full of beautiful sites and unique animals. Have you ever heard of Florida Fish and Wildlife: Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive? Many locals, like myself, were shocked that this historic place is literally in our backyard. 

Are you a lover of nature? If you enjoy adventures and exploring, then you will love the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Take an 11-mile driving trail inside the 20,000-acre north shore of Lake Apopka. While sightseeing, you could spot a bobcat, alligators, otters, snakes, and up to 362 different species of birds. Pre-recorded audio clips will accompany your drive to enhance your adventure.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helps protect these beautiful wild Florida locations.

Audio Clips site: https://www.sjrwmd.com/lands/recreation/lake-apopka/wildlife-drive/#exit

Before you venture into the wild, please note that they are open only on weekends, before sunset.

Tips to enjoy your ride:

• The Trail is open on the weekends only

• Bring snacks for the little ones

• Bring a cell phone to enjoy the audio experience

• Use the pullover stop areas to enjoy the Wild Florida experience up close



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